Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday Webcomic Posted & Spades Daily Webcomic Starts January 1st

F.I.S.T. Mark I by Anang Setyawan
Happy Holidays! We have posted a Christmas Webcomic featuring Major Luis IguarĂ¡n and Dr. Sadie Dawn from The Hunters. Enjoy!

With The Continuum Universe #4 and the January Spades Daily Webcomic closing in on us I thought I would showcase some Spades designs. Spades has been a mainstay in our core title The Continuum Universe and features a super-villain team with a hardcore vendetta against the United States Government. To even the playing field the U.S. has implemented robotic soldiers designed by Dr. Miles Niven...F.I.S.T. (Flying Infantry Shock Trooper).  Here is a design of the original F.I.S.T. Mark I unit, as seen in The Continuum Universe #1, and drawn by our current Spades artist Anang Setyawan.  In the current issues you will see the Mark II Units in operation with mentions of the human piloted Mark III to come. 
Dr. Miles Niven by Anang Setyawan

Friday, December 3, 2010

Strangelight Daily Webcomic Wraps Up Today!

Strangelight Pt3 Pg6 by Kusbiantoro
The Strangelight Daily Webcomic has come to a close...for now.  There are 47 episodes up and these lead directly into Strangelight Part 1 which you can read in The Continuum Universe #2.  Writer Cameron Brewer has done a great job of laying the groundwork for this lost little girl and Kusbiantoro and Mark Roberts have really brought her to life.

Next month Relic & Ego #4 and The Continuum Universe #4 will both be available at Empire's Comics Vault or online.  Here is a little sample of the art from the Strangelight story.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read our webcomics and a special thanks to all of you who have taken the time to let us know what you think.  We will be starting up a Spades Daily Webcomic in January but will be posting Holiday webcomics over the next month to keep you coming back.

Have a great weekend, all.