Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Number 1 Right Now on KCRA A*List

The Race So Far

Right now, thanks to you, our store fans, we're holding steady at #1 in the Bookstore category in KCRA's A*List competition. Last week we moved from 16th to 9th in about 30 minutes. Then in the next few minutes we moved into the #2 spot. By March 14, at 1 a.m., we took the #1 spot.

So now the hard work begins - staying at #1. Yesterday we fell into the second place spot, but quickly regained #1. That means, however, that someone is hot on our trail.


To participate, please visit our page on the KCRA A*List website. We hope you'll consider voting for us, however we know that there are many fine shops that promote comic books in Sacramento. It would be amazing to be #1 at the end of the contest in 45 days - it would be even more amazing for the top 5 spots to all be comic book shops!

Here's a look at the current standings in the Book Store Category:


Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Be My Valentine

We've posted a few entries from our contest on our store blog and our Tumblr blog, but if you want more and if you want to read the First Place Winner, you'll need to head over to our fan blog, Empire's Open Vault. That's where anyone who shops at Empire's Comics Vault can write a few words about any geek topic, share their art, and so on. If you're interested in sharing something on Empire's Open Vault, please email your submissions to empirescv @ gmail.com.