Thursday, November 18, 2010

It has been a long time.

Relic by Rodolfo Buscaglia
Here we are all the way at the end of 2010 and it has been a long while since I posted anything that is happening within the ECV/Continuum Universe. We have not stopped working and there is a lot coming your way very soon. Relic & Ego #4 is nearly done and The Continuum Universe #4 will be following shortly after. Issue #5 of each is already underway and will hit at the beginning of next year!

If you have not heard, we have started up our daily webcomics again. Currently you can see Strangelight: Strange Exordium 1-36 with 37 being posted first thing in the morning. This a particularly important as it is the lead into Strangelight Part 1 which appeared in The Continuum Universe #2.

You can also view Invisible War 1-6. We have had to redesign our website so you will recognize 1-4 but 5 and 6 are brand new and are worth paying attention to for events to come.

This is a character sketch of Relic done by Rodolfo Maximiliano Buscaglia. You can see his artwork on the upcoming Spades webcomic and The Continuum #4, Relic & Ego Big City Days Part 2. I am very excited to have him on board with our books and hope you all will as well.

Thank you for all of your continued support. All of us here...writers and artists...fully appreciate the chance you give us.

Have a great weekend.

Ben Schwartz

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