Thursday, February 26, 2009

Enemi-Haven Distribution & ECV Press

With Diamond doing their best to thin the herd of Indy comics a new Distributor has risen up to take that place. Enemi Entertainment & Haven Distribution are working hard to make sure that Indy books do not get axed from your local comic store. Please check out their sites and let your retailer know that they need to give this company a try.

In the March 2009 edition, available now, you can see ECV Press and our 1st 3 issues being distributed nationwide! Check out page 54 and make sure you let your comic shop know that you want to see these issues on their shelf. We also have a special incentive where retailers can receive 3 free issues!


Mark A Lester said...

Best of luck in the new venture. Indy works could sure use the help.

Take care and make some waves.

Ben Schwartz said...

Thanks, Mark. We just got back from Wondercon and people are all about trying new things so I really hope this Haven distribution takes off.